Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pictures from St. Aidan's Mission Church

Here are some photos from a typical Sunday at St. Aidan's Mission Church. We are blessed to be centrally located in downtown Honolulu, Hawaii. We have a traditional worship service at 1pm in Parke Chapel, which is part of St. Andrews Episcopal Cathedral, a ministry by the way, which has been taking place for over twenty years. After the service, there is also a feeding ministry, which attracts anywhere from 200-300 people each Sunday.  St. Aidan's has a diverse population, including the homeless, and mentally ill. St. Aidan's also reaches out to some of Hawaii's newest arrivals, Micronesians from Chuuk, who love to sing, and whose joy and energy make a vital contriubution to our ministry. We have over one hundred active volunteers from local churches and groups,  regularly come to assist us in our work.

You are most welcome to come, participate, serve, and join our ministry of God's presence and reconciliation.

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