Friday, October 9, 2009

Any Given Sunday

Every Sunday, for the past twenty years, there has been a vital, vibrant ministry for homeless people at Parke Chapel, St. Andrews Cathedral, in downtown Honolulu, Hawaii. The eucharist service, and feeding ministry, is sponsored by St. Aidan's Mission Church.

The secret to it's success is that many are involved. There are over one hundred volunteers from different churches and faith based groups. Different agencies, such as The Hawaiian Hilton, and Aloha Harvest, donate food. The Episcopal Church of Hawaii has graciously allowed St. Aidan's, Celtic Catholic Church, to use its chapel and kitchen. Members include some of the State's most vulnerable; the homeless, mentally ill, and a growing number of islands newest residents, the Micronesians. The Celtic Mass includes music, Celtic readings, Scriptures readings, some even in Chuukese, and sermon.

The feeding program following the service, cares for two to three hundred people each Sunday, and the numbers are growing with the worsening economic climate. Each Sunday, new faces appear, but no one is ever turned away.

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