Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The latest in excuses

OK let's hear the roll call on excuses for blog lapses. Schedule, work, lack of time, rinse, repeat. So finally getting to one of my New Year's resolutions!

The passing of time has allowed me to spend some time re-reading some of the Celtic classics as I have been penning some book reviews on Amazon and updating some profile data. Constantly amazes me how much the internet landscape is changing. I was somewhat critical and skeptical of this "internet" world in the past, but with each passing week and day, I am convinced the online world will only get bigger, better and more part of everyone's experience.

Re-reading some of the books by J.P. Newell, David Adam and others has made me appreciate the unique Celtic contribution to Christianity and why it represents an "alternative" or foil to what we see practices in Christendom today. The focus on body (as opposed to mind) and the earth and our relationships to the earth are a reminder that our faith is something which is rooted in relationships and interactions with the community around us. This translates to caring for others, caring for the world around us, and being sensitive to the relationships which meet us at every turn.

One would think that after two thousand years, we might know this already. But for some it is a great secret!


  1. Interesting blog, thanks. I was doing some research for a piece of writing. Do you know Donald Meek's book The Quest for Celtic Christianity? It's acerbic, but stimulating!

    1. Aloha, no I do not but will check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!