Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rev. Dr. Michael Ward: Discoveror of Narnia

I had the pleasure of hosting the Revd. Dr. Michael Ward this past December. He was here in Honolulu giving some lectures on C.S. Lewis. Dr. Ward, a St. Andrian like myself, is the world's foremost scholar on C.S. Lewis, author of The Narnia Code, and editor of  The Cambridge Companion to C.S. Lewis.

Dr. Ward's recent research in Lewis has created a storm in scholarly circles. Upto recently, Lewis's  Narnia books-which most people probably know Lewis by-have never been viewed as more than  lighter works- as something he did in his spare time. In sharp contrast, most English students (including myself) have focused on Lewis's scholarly works such as English Literature in the Sixteenth Century (1954) Volume III of the Oxford History of English Literature and other books such as Mere Christianity, or The Screwtape Letters.

Now that view has all changed. The books in Narnia are now seen as deftly created and more sophisticated than ever imagined. Narnia will never be the same!

Best of all Dr. Ward is a humble, gentle person, who has taken his fame in stride!

To learn more about Dr. Ward, you can click here.

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