Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Back to blogging

One of my New Year's resolutions was to spend more time in the New Digital World. As you can see, or can't see, I have not found much time to blog, although the desire has been there. That does not mean that things have been standing still. Life moves too fast these days for that. Blogging, like writing, take time and energy and sometimes our busy lives makes it very difficult to do everything we want to. That's OK and part of being an adult is realizing that we often can't do everything we want to. My Dad came to visit for several months over the holidays, and I kind of got out of wack. None the less, it feels great to be back and writing thoughts down and I thank my readers who continue to visit the Celtic Monk to learn something about Celtic Christianity and other topics.

Since my last blog-some four months ago-I have continued my journey on the Digital trail which continues to impress and amaze me. The online avenues, communities, and methods of communicating are both creative and changing the ways we have "traditionally" done things. I am now on Twitter, and "tweet". I am also trying to 'Kindlize" myself on the iPAD. I have always loved having a book in my hands but I must be honest in saying that this Kindle thing may even change an old bookworm like me!

What makes me say this? Well, just this morning, I was able to download several standard Celtic books for free-and what Celt didn't ever like something for free. I just downloaded a few, but some of these books included the "Life of St. Columba, Apostle of Scotland" by F.A. Forbes, and "The Celtic Twilight" by W.B. Yates.  There are also many other free books by Robert Burns, Alexander Carmichael and others. There are even free downloads on the Celtic languages if you wish to take a crack at Gaelic. On the theological/spiritual side there are also hundreds of free downloadable books, and with just a few clicks I was able to download several of Cardinal Newman's classics including "An Essay In Aid Of A Grammar of Ascent" and "An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine".  These are books every serious minded Chrisitan should know.

This ease of access to the classics is a "gamechanger" so that now when you go on a trip you can take nearly all of Newman's (or anyone else for that matter) along with you, all contained within the slim confines of the iPAD. Reading the Greats has never been so easy or convenient!. And in addition, the learning is in a new and fun way. The iPAD can really open new doors and make learning easier. So let me now raise a shout to Kindle for making these texts so easily available for all to read.

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