Monday, August 9, 2010

Praticising the Presence of God

This is a blog post long, long overdue. I've been meaning to write a post about two of our volunteers, Darryl and Jeff for sometime and you'll soon understand why.

We are grateful for all our hundred volunteers from different churches and the community, but we are particularly grateful for Darryl and Jeff who have been with us every Sunday for over two years. That's a long time! Each and every Sunday Darryl and Jeff arrive at 11:30am helping to prepare the food we receive from many places, helping organize the volunteers, serving the homeless, planning for the week ahead, and assuring that everything on the food side of the house runs smoothly. It's an endless, thankless task, and yet these two gentlemen perform a terrific job with dignity, grace and love. It's high time we say a great big "thanks" and "well done"!

Darryl and Jeff do an amazing job with both passion and excellence. In true humility they are committed to being "servants" and to work behind the scenes. Yet they are both responsible for ensuring that food is ready, properly prepared, served, and that there are enough supplies for the next week.

We could not perform this valuable ministry without their generosity of time, and commitment to hard work. They are both a blessing to our ministry, and a crucial part of the ministry. We are grateful for your many gifts. In true Celtic fashion, you welcome the stranger and make him and her feel like an important guest.

Thanks guys for all your hard work from the staff of St. Aidans!


  1. I think that St. James had some words to say about the considerable value of their ministry in his letter.

  2. An interesting spiritual statement you make by juxtaposing the title you chose with the subject of the article. "Practicing the presence of God" is normally talked about in terms of being aware of his presence during one's daily activities. But you do not use it that way; you talk simply about acts of loving service. And therefore you imply that the doing of loving service is itself being in the presence of God. This is probably profoundly true, and not said often enough. I could imagine a small book being written on the subject.

  3. Fr. Sean you are onto something. As I was writing this article, I recalled that wonderful book by Brother Lawrence we had to read for St. Columba's. He worked in a kitchen as well!