Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Fourth of July Greetings!

Yesterdays was one of those Sundays which was almost perfect. Really, almost perfect!

What makes me say that? Great summer weather, clear skies, and warm sun. We are also blessed to have a beautiful and old chapel to worship in, Parke Chapel, and we are ever grateful to the Episcopal Cathedral of St. Andrews for being such a wonderful host. We could not do this work without their support.

We also performed two baptisms in the church. Two baby Micronesian boys, were presented for baptism and the church was filled with many Chuuk families, and the most wonderful Chuukese music. I didn't know what the words meant, and it did not matter.  It was beautiful both to the ear and heart. The harmonies were glorious.

Baptisms are wonderful events, ceremonies which I have grown to love as a priest. The Chuuk word for baptism is "papatayis" and means immersion. The image of water is important for island people, not only for the Mirconesians, but us from Hawaii as well. And as the fish is immersed in water, so the Christian is also "immersed" and surrounded by God's love and presence.  

It was a wonderful thing to look into the young eyes of Erikniwim and Daitap and to think of all the future promises that lay before them. I thought to myself, "I wonder what path they will choose, and what will God lead them to do?"

It was also a beautiful thing, to stand together at the altar of Christ, and to celebrate His love which brings us all together, breaks down walls, and reminds us that we are One Family, and belong to Him. 

Sunday was a great day, a typical day where we touch many people's lives in so many ways.

This is who we are, and what we do.

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