Monday, May 10, 2010

Rev. Dr. John Michael Hayes

Who says miracles don't happen?

Several months ago, a miracle of sorts took place at St. Aidan's Church. One Sunday morning, I happened to notice a new couple had joined us that morning for worship. Let's just say they stood out! After the service, I went out and greeted our newcomers. And much to my surprise not only did I meet both John and Karen, but I also learned that John was also a Celtic priest from a small Celtic denomination like my own. What's the chance of that happening in Hawaii of all places? A miracle indeed! Hard to believe that on the wee island of Oahu there are three Celtic clerics. Move over Ireland. And best of all, I then learned that John and will be in Hawaii for three years. This is terrific news indeed. God does work in mighty and wondrous ways.

St. Aidan's is very fortunate to have someone join us whose credentials are so strong. John received his undergraduate and Ph.d in psychology from Catholic University in the nation's capital, Washington, DC. Since then, John has spent over thirty years in the psychology field in different capacities. John has had numerous faculty appointments, and led many interesting workshops and trainings for other mental health professionals. He is eclectic in approach, fond of both Freud and Jung, and comfortable using a variety of modalities including psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, and couples, family and group therapy. He was a Franciscan brother for several years, and also studied theology at several Universities. He has four children. Karen Jones, John's wife, is a clinical social worker.

John has been with us for several months now, and we are blessed indeed to have him with us, serving at the altar and the pulpit. We rejoice in his many gifts, experience, and humor that he brings to St. Aidan's Mission Church. To find out more about our new priest John, you can visit his website which is linked  here.

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