Monday, January 4, 2010

Celtic Dailys

One of the many blessings of the Web is that it makes the world alot closer, bringing it all to your desk or laptop. I'm old enough to have witnessed big changes over the years. Twenty five years ago, when I was a student in Edinburgh, Scotland, I remember listening to football games on the Armed Forces Network. That was a cool break from my studies, and helped me to remain in contact with the New World. Yet in retrospect, that seems like light years away, and linked with those orange lite tubes that we all used to look at in our radio's and record players. Ancient history! That's all changed and now you can probably watch the games on the Internet.

Living in Britain for nearly six years, I grew fond of reading the newspaper, always a delight for someone who is from a different country of origin. The learning of names, places, streets, hot spots to go, finding one's way; it's all part of that great experience of living abroad. I miss reading The Scotsman, and The Times, and they were part of "my education".

Newpapers are also a great way to learn and keep up with the Celtic tradition. These sites are great places to browse on a lazy Saturday morning, with a cup of coffee, and of course some Celtic music in the background. Let me draw you attention to the some of the major Celtic which you can then pop into time to time so to check out what is happening on the other side of the pond.

The leading daily in Edinburgh, Scotland is The Scotsman.  If your interested in what is going on in Glasgow, check out the The Herald. Moving down to Wales, check out the North Wales Chronicle. For the Isle of Man (Manx) look no further than The Isle of Man today. And of course, if you want to peek over to see what is happening on the Emerald Isle, see The Irish Times.

Most of these papers have a cultural or history section where you might find something of interest. I like to check and see people are reading. Some even have blogs.

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