Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Celtic Church near you!

There are many different branches of the Celtic Church throughout the world. Just try Goggling Celtic Church and see how many entries there are! It's amazing, and evidence that people from all over the world are attracted to Celtic Christianity and Spirituality.

One person, Fr. Mike, has nobly begun the effort to try to create an online directory of Celtic Churches. No easy task as there are several Celtic denominations. In addition, we  Celts have always been the wandering type, so this task is probably the equivalent of trying to heard cats. The list is just forming, and its quite fascinating to see there are churches as far away as Brazil and South East Asia, and as close as California, Washington State, West Virginia, Minnesota and Kentucky. Here's the link here and feel free to add your church or denomination.


  1. This is an excellent blog and resouce, thanks so much!

    Frank from San Francisco

  2. I like the pictures. Where did you find it?